How Olawood's Nature-Inspired Wood Slats Add Decorative Effect with Room Acoustics

How Olawood's Nature-Inspired Wood Slats Add Decorative Effect with Room Acoustics

Crafting a harmonious fusion of nature-inspired wood slats and artistic practicality, Olang Lab brings a refreshing perspective to the world of decorative design. In this exploration of the decorative effect, we delve into the seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics that defines Olang Lab's innovative approach.


Nature's Influence on Artistic Practicality

We draw inspiration from the abundant beauty found in nature. The wood slats, meticulously crafted to reflect the generosity of natural elements, serve as the foundation for designs that transcend mere functionality. Each slat becomes a canvas, capturing the essence of the outdoors while offering a practical solution to interior spaces.


A Seamless Union of Aesthetics and Practicality

The decorative effect achieved by Olang Lab's wood slats goes beyond the conventional. The intricate patterns and designs bring an artistic flair to any space, transforming it into a work of art. The carefully curated selection of wood slats allows for a harmonious integration of nature's aesthetics and the demands of modern living.


Balancing the Absorption of Sound and Aesthetic Appeal

At the core of design philosophy is the recognition that functionality need not compromise beauty. The wood slats not only serve as a stunning visual element but also excel at absorbing sound, creating an acoustic environment that is as pleasing to the ears as it is to the eyes. This dual-purpose functionality sets Olang Lab apart, offering a unique solution for those seeking both aesthetic excellence and acoustic comfort.


What Sets The Olang Lab Apart

Unlike traditional decorative elements, our wood slats go beyond surface-level aesthetics. The designs transcend the ordinary, creating an immersive experience that engages both the senses and the intellect. As you explore the vast array of patterns and designs, you'll discover the transformative power of Olang Lab's commitment to the decorative effect.


Environmental Sustainability with Aesthetics

At Olang Lab, we provide visually stunning solutions; we are also committed to environmental sustainability. The wood used in the slats is sourced responsibly, ensuring that your commitment to a beautiful space aligns with a broader dedication to eco-friendly design. Olang Lab's wood slats not only elevate your surroundings but also contribute to a sustainable future, making each choice a step towards responsible design.


Our Upgraded Picks

Natural Oak Extendo ( 2-pack wood slats)



  • Composition: MDF Slat + PET Felt
  • Sizes: 94.48 x 12.59 x 0.82 inches each
  • NRC: >0.85
  • Fire Rating: SGS (ASTM E84 CLASS A; TUV – EN 13501 CLASS B)
  • Environmental Protection Level: E0
  • Absorption Range: 150Hz-10000Hz
  • Absorption Frequency: mid-to-high


Available Colors: Deep Dark, Calm Grey

Best for:

Professional spaces like music studios and recording booths.

bedrooms, living rooms, home theaters, and restaurants in living spaces.

Extendo Trio (2-pack wood slats)


Key Features

  1. 3-Side Wood Veneer Design:
  • Unveil the beauty of nature with a distinctive 3-side wood veneer design.
  • It enhances water resistance and provides superior moisture protection.
  • It infuses a touch of natural elegance into any space.
  1. Material Composition:
  • Crafted with precision using MDF slat and PET felt for optimal acoustic performance.
  • PET felt adds a layer of durability, ensuring long-lasting quality.
  1. Dimensions:
  • Generous dimensions of 94.48 x 12.59 x 0.82 inches each provide comprehensive coverage.
  • Easy to install, offering flexibility in arranging panels to suit your space.
  1. Acoustic Performance:
  • NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) >0.85:
  • Provides effective sound absorption for a quiet and focused environment.
  • Fire Rating - SGS – ASTM E84 Class A; TUV – EN 13501 Class B:
  • Ensures safety and compliance with industry standards.
  1. Environmental Consciousness:
  • E0 Environmental Protection Level signifies a commitment to sustainability.
  • Contribute to a greener environment with responsibly sourced materials.
  1. Versatile Frequency Range:
  • Diffusion Range (700Hz-3000Hz):
  • Delivers a balanced and immersive auditory experience.
  • Absorption Range (150Hz-10000Hz):
  • Reduces unwanted noise and minimizes echoes for a refined acoustic environment.
  • Ideal for music studios, recording booths, and various professional settings.
  1. Applications in Diverse Settings:
  • Professional Environments:
  • Perfect for music studios and recording booths where precision in sound is paramount.
  • Residential Comfort:
  • Transform bedrooms, living rooms, and home theaters into havens of tranquility.
  • Working Spaces:
  • Enhance focus in home offices, conference rooms, and executive offices.
  • Educational Spaces:
  • Create conducive environments in classrooms, libraries, and study areas.
  • Hospitality and Dining:
  • Elevate the ambiance in cafes, restaurants, and event venues.
  • Retail Spaces:
  • Add a touch of luxury to boutiques and showrooms.


Enhance your auditory experience and bring a touch of nature indoors with Olawood's Extendo Trio acoustic panels. Perfect for various settings, from professional studios to residential spaces, these panels offer a harmonious blend of functionality and style.


Artistically in Action: Case Studies

To illustrate the real-world impact of Olang Lab's wood slats, let's delve into a couple of case studies that showcase the versatility and effectiveness of these artistic yet practical elements.

Case Study 1: Transforming Workspaces with Elegance

Architects and interior designers worldwide have embraced our slats to redefine office spaces. By integrating these panels into the design, workspaces are transformed into sophisticated environments that not only look impressive but also foster productivity. The acoustic benefits ensure that the hustle and bustle of a busy office does not compromise the tranquility of individual workstations.

Case Study 2: Elevating Hospitality Spaces with Style

Hotels and restaurants seeking to create memorable dining experiences turn to Olang Lab for their decorative solutions. The wood slats, strategically placed to enhance both visual appeal and acoustics, contribute to the creation of intimate and inviting atmospheres. The unique designs add a touch of elegance, making dining spaces more than just functional.  (Dinah, 2023)


Practical Tips For Designing With Us:

First, Understand Your Space

Before you begin the design process, assess the unique characteristics of your space. Consider the dimensions, lighting, and existing elements to ensure a harmonious integration of wood slats.


Explore the Patterns

We offer an extensive range of patterns and designs. Take the time to explore and find the one that resonates with your aesthetic preferences. Whether it's a subtle pattern for a calming effect or a bold design to make a statement, the choices are vast.


Acoustics Balance

While the visual impact is crucial, don't overlook the acoustic benefits of Olang Lab's wood slats. Strategically place them to optimize sound absorption, creating an environment that is both visually pleasing and acoustically refined.


Contact with Experts

If you're uncertain about the best way to incorporate our wood slats into your design, consider collaborating with design professionals who have experience with the brand. Their expertise can provide valuable insights and ensure a successful implementation.


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